Hawaiian Airlines | HNL-JFK | Boeing 767-300ER

Hey IFC!
Close to the longest domestic flight in the world behind BOS-HNL. This was quite the flight, first a wild departure, then a very busy pacific, then some killer scenery, then a pretty landing in JFK. Let’s get to it!

Server: Expert

Callsign: Hawaiian 51 Heavy

Route: Daniel K. Inouye Honolulu PHNL - New York John F. Kennedy KJFK

Here we go!
Our ride for today at the very messy PHNL, 26s and 22s were in use, so naturally it was a mess and very dangerous for the arriving aircraft due to the terrain. But having all planes do the 26L visual is near impossible, and would likely result in several go-arounds.

Blasting off of 22R! …you heard me right, 22R (just under 7000 ft long). That runway irl never handles airliners let alone a 767. But that’s what ATC assigned me, so I had to follow instructions. I made it off the ground because I spooled up to TOGA power with the parking break on, plus the 767 is a rocket ship.

Climbing high

Reached cruise, here is our super busy pacific with tons of people flying the same way points, and hopefully the correct IFR altitude or else we would’ve had some big problems. I also passed Misha later on leading the flashlight.

Reached mainland

The beautiful Cascades and the Columbia river

My home town of KMSO

Flying past glacier national Park

Descending into New York

Safe landing in JFK!

Scary powerful takeoff and landing video

I hope y’all enjoyed!

Beautiful Photos!

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Very nice photos!

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Awesome shots as always Jack! This is one of my favorite flights to do, buttttttttt I think it’s just the longest domestic flight in the US, France has longer ones if I remember correctly

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Haha yes that is true, French Bee serves the longest domestic flight in France being around 9,300 nm


Next time you should try doing KEWR-PHNL. With the United 787-9. Now thats a fun flight.


If it had wingflex at least, I would have flow the 767 non-stop! Great photos, thanks for sharing.

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Awesome shots mate👍

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Let’s hope the 767/757 is the next aircrafts reworked

I absolutely love Hawiian’s 767’s! Awesome angles and scenery <3

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I’m really in love with your photos and they are absolutely amazing!

I especially like this moonshot a lot! Great job!

I hope you enjoyed your flight :)

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Great shots, I have seen United use a 767-400 on Kewr to phnl IRL. Has Hawaiian used their 67s on this particular route?

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@HeavyJeff they might’ve a while ago, but I just flew the HA 763 since we don’t have the HA A333 in IF which is used on this route IRL