Hawaiian Airlines for the A330 🔓


Dear Infinite flight,

The development on the A330 has been incredible, and it’s just crazy to see how updated the Cockpit is similar to what we see Today! Personally I think that this was a need for the A330 because of its popularity from Hawaiian Air. The A330 is an Incredible and Very much a Beautiful Aircraft with its tilted landing gear and its Model. Although we must also have some Beautiful liveries to go along with this incredible Aircraft! The Amount of work that you Infinite flight Creators have done to get this next 21.1 update out has been Extraordinary for this community and our Infinite flight pilots. All I’m asking is to maybe take this into Consideration since people would love to see this livery!






As Far as the community, Please take this into consideration and let me have your vote! :)

We can make this livery come to the A330 Together!

Thank you for your Time! 😉

@Captain_Ian ;)

Seems to be a duplicate. Fee free to vote here.

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Unfortunately, this is a duplicate and here is the original topic please feel free to drop a vote on it and support it there.

I am very impressed with the amount of work put into this thread though!

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Unfortunately there is another request open for this type of aircraft, the moderators will have to close this topic. I won’t link it because the 2 people above have linked it.

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seems like this is a duplicate please use that search bar before creating topic!(we all make mistakes)

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Please vote on the links above :)

Hello this is a duplicate and will indeed get closed!

No need to say it like 7 times. This has been clarified before ;)