Hawaiian Airlines flight 25 & 26 | PDX-HNL | HNL-PDX

Hey IFC!
Last Sunday and last night I took the two most memorable flights I will have ever taken IRL. The only flights longer than these two was when I flew SFO-AKL, but I can’t remember it well as I was five.
A cool fact about this flight with HA, this is the shortest my family has ever booked a flight in advance, with just 2 days before departure. Regularly tickets would be so expensive by this point, but due to the virus and thousands of cancelations, airlines are dropping there prices to try to keep as many people on their planes as possible.
Oh yeah and also credits to @FBWFTW for helping and advising me so much on this trip.
The reason why we flew to Hawaii was because we were supposed to fly to Europe but we decided that was probably not going to turn our well, so we got a lot of refunds and made another trip. Let’s look and see.
Flight numbers: HA25 (PDX-HNL) March 15, HA26 (HNL-PDX) March 18

Aircraft: Airbus A330-200 (N390HA, N361HA)

Seats: row 19 CDEG, row 27 EGHJ

Overall reviews of each flight
HA25: 9/10 (Incredible)(No window)
HA26: 9/10 (Amazing) (Dysfunctional IFE)

Let’s take a peek at the photos.
On time load up at PDX

Up and at em

Made it there!

On our way back

Reached the max number of photos😭
I hope y’all enjoyed!


Dude, you’re so lucky you still traveled even with whats going on. We canceled our trip. I don’t mean to be “daft” or offensive, but I really wanted to go on our trip regardless of the virus. I’m a healthy teenager so honestly I’m not the slightest bit concerned about catching it. I know its a different story for others.
Sorry for getting off topic, great pics! Glad you enjoyed! I’m supposed to go to Hawaii this July, but… we’ll see.


We were originally going to stay for almost a week (Sun-Sat) but we decided to cut it short because we were all scared and wanted to be home. I actually haven’t been home since last Wednesday, after our trip got canceled we drove down from Seattle because that’s where we were flying out of to Europe and stayed with my cousins in Eugene for a couple days to sort things out.


Cool picture from the tarmac overlook

Our plane was actually at C1 (lucky us) so that’s our airplane to the right


Flying Honu on the right!


The Honolulu airport looks incredible!


Great stuff Jack! Glad to make your acquaintance in my Hawaiian themed thread and continue the conversations!


Lucky… I was planning on going to Hawaii this summer but now it’s probably off the table.

Still not sure how these topics classifies as spotting


Oh it is so amazing for spotting, probably like 70% to 80% widebodies too. I literally have got tons of shots from HNL on the parking garage! If you can make it to Hawaii sometime in your life, you’ll love it!


Those are amazing!

Hawaii is beautiful. Never been there myself, but Ove seen lots of great pictures.

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That’s so cool. I was gonna go to Hawaii for the 2nd time in a few weeks but not anymore 😫

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Nice I was at Hawai two weeks ago!

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