Hawaiian Airlines B717 takeoff from PHOG

Just a takeoff from Kahului Airport. Its impossible to land it without having an undesired nose bounce after touch dowb.

What do you think about it?


Pretty good but few mistakes.

  • Takeoff with flaps 10 degrees.
  • After takeoff you should have 15 deg. pitch while you had only 8 or so.

I read about pilots taking off with 13° flaps. There aren’t those flaps in the 717 so I took of with 15.
Though there isn’t much info about the 717 performance on the internet.


Okay, I’m not so familiar with the 717.
But they pitch up to 22 degrees on takeoff.


Nice and smooth,decent altitude control. Just make sure to not exceed the flap Vref and control the nose bump when retracting flap, (which I know is seriously hard on IF)

On the takeoff roll there is really no need to advance N1 to 50% with brakes on, you’re just burning fuel and causing brake heat. No more than 30%, when you are ready to go, release brakes, N1 50% and stabilise, then you can advance the throttles slightly quicker to takeoff power, you don’t want to be wasting the TORA by idling down the runway.


Sadly there is no information regarding flap Vref for the 717. I only know from an article that at flaps 40° the aircraft lands at 139kts.
I also don’t know the flap schedule of the B717, if every notch of flaps are used or it skips some like in the B737 and B777.
Do you have some info regarding those points?


I have no idea I’m afraid, it’s not an aircraft I fly regularly, follow general flap schedules from early 737 I would imagine the stress numbers are roughly inline.

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It never ocurred to me following the schedule of the early 737. I’ll look it up after I land in Chile.

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Maybe even a 707 I don’t know the history of the aircrafts involved.

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from what i know i think 62 percent is way to much trim on takeoff

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Boeing 717-200 Tutorial this is helpful

Its an old model. And its not as refined as the A320 family.

Nice take off, but those aircrafts climb like rockets… more climb rate next time.


Was gonna say the climb rate looked pretty shallow for the 717 :P

How many degrees do I have to pitch the aircraft on takeoff?

I dont know about degrees but, alot more

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I don’t know about degrees but I believe climb rates of around 3500 fpm are typical of the 717.

Why is the VS so high?

It’s not that high. Most commercial aircraft have an initial climb rate immediately after take off of anywhere from 3000-4000fpm.

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I found this in the Qantas VA manual. All about the 717. Hope this helped 🙂