Hawaiian Airlines Airbus A330-200 (2017 Livery)

The old Livery on this was great… But the new livery is… AMAZING!!! :)


AGREED!!! #Needed


We most definitely need an HA A332. I’m hoping virtualBlue will be able to do codeshares with HVA at some point and I need my HA A332 to be able to do JFK-HNL!

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Have my vote, I would love this added to the A330 planes! I don’t really want to fly the 767 anymore.

nice livery it looks good

I’d vote, but we first need an A332… I def want the HA livery!!! Not sure if I should vote here as I’ve alreay voted for the rework

Giving This a little bump. I like it 👍

Very beautiful, this new livery! Too bad I do not have more votes, but you have my support. I hope to see you when the A330 is reworked.

I love the livery and this is the main aircraft in the Hawaiian airlines fleet
Pls add it in the a330 rework

It would be super cool to have this. 100% yes. Definitely voted for this

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One of the best liveries and airline on the A330. Flew on Hawaiian’s A330 this summer from JFK-HNL-JFK and it was beautiful.

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Love this livery I would rack up so many flying hours in this aircraft and I am sure others will to
I will do the Honolulu to Brisbane or sydney route

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This needs a bump. Especially since the A330-300 varient came out.

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Yeah they really should’ve added this


Don’t care which one gets added-just so long as one gets added-preferably with the hopefully in the future full A330 rework (like the CRJ one with the additions of the models)

Yes count me in it’s a yes for me


how isn’t this beauty in game yet? 😍😍

@A320_Flyerboy19 here is what you are looking for!

But Hawaiian doesn’t use that