Hawaiian Airlines Airbus A330-200 (2017 Livery)


On May 1, 2017 Hawaiian Airlines announced a rebranding of their livery. The old one was nice, but this new one is absolutely gorgeous. If an A330 rework ever happens, this livery should be added.

Link to Picture

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Hawaiian A330-200
Airbus A330 Rework

This would be gorgeous if the a330 was reworked.🙃


That sur is a sexy tropical livery on the cute 330!


Hello, do you think you could add more substance to this request? Just to make it more informative? Here is how you can do it:



There is not a lot of info when asking for a livery so I don’t see what is missing


Would be great with an A330 rework :)


@CaptainCaybrew I love that livery! An A330 rework definetly should be in store!


However, I do not use this plane in I.F., so I am going to remove a vote. Still like the livery though!



The article is different I think. This one is for liveries, not rework, however.


Its both… I pretty much took over that topic… xD

About post #190 is when I helped the thread and then it went viral… Over 130 votes in 1 month (give or take 10 days)


Wow, that’s weird. Votes shooting off like rockets at Fourth of July!


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8 out of 14 comments lol


I really hope they add this when they do the A330 rework. It is one of Hawaiian Airlines main Long Haul aircraft, so it would be cool to have. :)


The gray leaf (or whatever it is) kind of reminds me of Air New Zealands’s livery. I think this would be a great addition to the rework of the a330.


What reworks are confirmed? If any…


There are no reworks confirmed (as of my knowledge).


I love the A330 it’s such an amazing aircraft and so is this livery the plane needs a rework badly because I want to fly it more which I don’t as much because it’s very outdated


Yes, we the Hawaiian Virtual Airlines are in need of updating our fleet. Flying B763ER is good; flying the updated (according to RW HA) fleet with A332 will be much greater.
So, plz here the voices of the Hawaiian people…🛬😎🛫