Hawaiian Airlines A330!

Hawaiian Airlines A330
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Source: Hawaiian Airlines

Hey all! Just wondering what you guys think about IF adding a Hawaiian Airlines A330 livery? I’m not sure if this is already in the works or not but regardless I think it definitely should be! Vote and share this if you do too so it can be seen by developers. I think this would be an awesome addition to the game when the new A330 rework comes out!

Have a great day :)

Hey there, please vote in the topic linked below.


Haha awesome!

My bad for duplicating guys it’s ok though because this one is slightly more relevant

The regular livery is here :)


No problem, just remember to search and use the #features category next time. :)

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Plus, this should be in the #features. You must be TL2 to do this.

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Ok thanks so much! Sorry I’m so new to this

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Ohhh ok that’s why I wasn’t able to

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Don’t worry I have made the same mistakes before when I was a TL0

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Do remember that Hawaiian only operates the A330-200 while Infinite Flight is only reworking the A330-300.

Holy flags.

(Go to the links the posters provided.)