Hawaiian Airlines A330-200

Pualani Proud. She deserves a A330-200 livery


Always wanted this livery on the a330, you have my last vote 🙂

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Pic Bump


Very nice bro

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It’s a beautiful aircraft livery, I’ll clear a vote for this.

Not a duplicate, but this livery also exists Hawaiian Airlines Airbus A330-200 (2017 Livery)
But I would suggest sticking with this one

This is much needed especially after the retirement of the Hawaiian 767.

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I preferred flying with on Hawaiians 767’s, but the A330’s were good I won’t lie about that. I’d love to see this livery in IF.


The A330’s are amazing. 767’s have always had the BEST seating at 7 across-but nowadays the A330 has the best seating in the wide body class with 8 across comfortably at 2-4-2

Not looking forward to 3-3-3 Dreamliners…

We NEED the -200 in game and we 100% need the Hawaiian A330-243. I just flew RT on the longest domestic flight in the US and it was amazing. Here’s some pics for the thread!



I definitely agree with this. If added, it should include the new and old livery. Such a beautiful and modern livery which would add a great touch to the game.


I’m that when they’ll rework it, the will begin it a certain version of engines
then they’ll modelate the others

Just bumping this :)

See, even Drake agrees. Vote for the Hawaiian A330!


That got me laughing xD

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I would love to see this in IF

Im gonna give this a bump.

But in the process, here’s some facts about Hawaiian Airlines! ;)

  • Hawaiian Airlines is one of the only U.S carriers that requires your window shade up for takeoff / landing.

  • Hawaiian Airlines’ A332 and A321neo are rated best for theme and color!

  • Hawaiian Airlines’ first flight in the Sikorsky D-38 only carried 16 passengers but managed to gain over 6000 people to watch it’s departure!



If I had known this topic existed before I would have voted a century ago. I hate doing long haul flights on the 767 because they don’t have the plane anymore, and I LOVE Hawaiian.

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Lookin 🥵. Wish I had a vote. ✌️

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I think Hawaiian’s 767 was their best of the early 2000’s and 2010’s. While their A330 is fine and all, nothing can rival their old 767’s. Not even the 787.

And why hate an aircraft just because the airline doesn’t fly it anymore? That’s like saying you hate Americans MD-80’s because they don’t fly them anymore. It’s illogical. Just saying. 😉


Sorry, I should word that better.

What I meant is I don’t like flying the plane because they do not fly them anymore, and I would much prefer flying the IRL plane. If Hawaiian currently had the 767 and teh A330 was a thing of the past, I would prefer the 767. In fact, I personally prefer the 767 over the A330, I would just love to be able to fly more realistic routes.