Hawaiian A330

Does IF have an A330 Hawaiian airlines livery?? If so what variation of the 330.

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Vote for it here!

Hawaiian only has the 717, and 767 currently in Infinite Flight


Darn!!! I wanted to do KBOS-PHNL

A pain indeed. I’d either use a Generic, or what I did was use a 767.

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Ill do that. It’s the same plane with different engines.

Also, how do i edit livery’s or airports??

Unfortunately we dont have the ability to add our own liveries to IF but you can try to joing the Airport Editing Team if you want to edit airports.

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It’s the -200, not the longer 300.

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Is it hard to edit airports?

Once you learn the software and the standards of airports, pretty much. It’s a bit of a challenge to get a hold of and start, but once you’re in to it, you’ll be good. Don’t be surprised if your submissions get rejected, airports need to be spick and span. If you have any more questions about the IFAET, do PM me.


So you are taking about 2 different aircrafts. Which one are you talking about.

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You do know that you topic is called A350 right?

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Check again, it was updated.

Yes. I do. I just wanted to know

What do you mean @Chris_S?

I was replying to @Micah_Brazil who said 350. The title of the topic was changed from 350 to 330.


I wanted to know if Hawaiian airlines had an A350.

In real life or in IF?

In IF they do not.

lol, figured it would be. just want let him know in case he didn’t notice it

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Ok. Thats what i wanted to know.