Hawaiian A321-200neo

I think it would be a good idea to bring in the Hawaiian A321! I have flown on it before and it offers a wide variety of routes even from California to Hawaii! Let me know what you think!

Voted! However, make sure to vote for your own request 🙂

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@anon41771314 Aloha!

I’d love to see this as an update to the Hawaiian fleet! I wont be voting sadly, as I both don’t have enough and have more important votes than this in my opinion 😃. I’m surprised there wasn’t an open feature request for this!

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I mean could we even fly the -200 on those routes?

Those are A321 NEOs, not -200s (you can tell by the size of the engine ;)


Probably because the aircraft isn’t in the game. Adding liveries to the game on a plane those liveries don’t exist on isn’t my game, so it’s a pass from me, but I would love to see the NEO some day…


Hawaiian does not, nor ever has, operated A321-200’s. The aircraft in the pictures is an A321 NEO.

Can’t spare a vote just now, but will 100% vote once we have the HA A332 or if things swing around a bit in favor of the Neos.

Dear IF Santa…


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Looks like a great livery!

This is such a beauty! They fly this plane twice daily to SJC! I would love for this airplane to be in IF

Can we please get the A330-243 first? 🤣

I’ll free a vote once that happens


Definitely a nice livery and plane :)

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That’s one beautiful, efficient, and extremely versatile aircraft because of its range and capacity. But it’s better to vote for an aircraft and then once it gets into the works, you can vote for specific liveries.