Hawaiian A321-200neo

I think it would be a good idea to bring in the Hawaiian A321! I have flown on it before and it offers a wide variety of routes even from California to Hawaii! Let me know what you think!

Voted! However, make sure to vote for your own request 🙂

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@anon41771314 Aloha!

I’d love to see this as an update to the Hawaiian fleet! I wont be voting sadly, as I both don’t have enough and have more important votes than this in my opinion 😃. I’m surprised there wasn’t an open feature request for this!

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I mean could we even fly the -200 on those routes?

Those are A321 NEOs, not -200s (you can tell by the size of the engine ;)


Probably because the aircraft isn’t in the game. Adding liveries to the game on a plane those liveries don’t exist on isn’t my game, so it’s a pass from me, but I would love to see the NEO some day…


Hawaiian does not, nor ever has, operated A321-200’s. The aircraft in the pictures is an A321 NEO.

Can’t spare a vote just now, but will 100% vote once we have the HA A332 or if things swing around a bit in favor of the Neos.

Dear IF Santa…


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Looks like a great livery!

This is such a beauty! They fly this plane twice daily to SJC! I would love for this airplane to be in IF

Can we please get the A330-243 first? 🤣

I’ll free a vote once that happens

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