Hawaiian 89 Departure and Arrival with ATC

Flew KBOS-PHNL on HA89 (click my profile for a trip report w pics if you like)
Here’s the edited takeoff and landing videos with ATC synced up.
The videos were shot in 4K so if your device can handle it, be sure to select 4K!

Departure from KBOS to ~FL190 including missed turn on the taxiway

Arrival to PHNL via MAGGI3 arrival and visual 08L


I wanna go to Hawaii soooo bad. I was supposed to in a few weeks but with Coronavirus we can’t go anymore. Anyways great video. I really enjoyed it

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You’re the fourth person that had a trip up coming canceled. I had someone making a macadamia nut/coffee restocking run for me on their trip on HA89-but they cancelled as well. Don’t worry, you’ll get there soon enough! Where’s your flight going to be from/to and what airline?


I forgot the days and the airline lol. My parents did all the work. I went less than a year ago so it’s ok

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I take it you’re a west coast guy then. Us East coast types usually do once every 2-3 years to Hawaii if we can swing it. I WISH it was close!

Rumor has it @TheFlyingGuy1 took Sprit or Frontier on the way to Hawaii.

Huh? They don’t fly there

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Yea I’m west coast. I’m still thankful that my field trip that happened 3 days before the school district cancelled all air travel. I honestly had more fun there with 5 other friends total than I would have in Hawaii so I’m not too sad

@Transport_Hub is mad cause I’m in bed and didn’t watch him smash into the pavement at JFK tonight. That and he knows how much those two words drive me nuts. He wants the 🔨🔨🔨🔨🔨🔨🔨🔨


I was confused lol

Inside joke buddy no worries. Who’d you fly last time to Hawaii?

Regardless, great video, well put together. Hope to see more like this, possibly the return leg even.


United flight 417 I’m pretty sure. Let me check the flight number. We were supposed to fly the MAX and my friends dad bid on that flight and he was gonna fly us. Last minute the MAX got grounded and we took a 753 instead

Yeah, maybe if they turned the CABIN LIGHTS OFF before the turn on final! We were almost fully established by the time the lights went out!

GoPro didn’t fare much better-I was looking at it tonight actually.

@TheFlyingGuy1 glad you enjoyed the video my man.

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Thank goodness for that, I’d take a flying pencil any day over a 737 of any flavor.

What a shame. There’s always the possibility of doing this on one of your countless domestic flights!

Yea for sure. I was kinda sad my friends dad couldn’t fly us. The pilot was a friend of a friend so it was ok

Yeah not lately buddy, of course there IS the “Canarsie” climb on what was THEN the longest domestic flight. HAL51 “direct SKORR”

Oh and btw-this was domestic

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Great videos!

I am actually in Honolulu right now! I am flying out tomorrow back to Portland on HA26. It’s funny, I am taking the same plane back as I took here, N390HA. On the flight here our family was assigned row 19 CDEG. Not window seats but they were far enough forwards to actually here some of the good engine buzz on takeoff. The A330s with those P&W jets have such a beautiful sound. I am hoping I can get a window seat on the way back, even if it’s further back in the airplane.

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Funny you say this-so my first trip to Hawaii since 1998 I flew JFK-HNL on N395HA, then HNL-LAX on N395HA… I had a 1 in 19 chance of that happening at the time-they had from N380HA to N374HA delivered in Jan 2015.

Your aircraft MAY change a few times between now and the departure. I was supposed to have N381HA, then N379HA and finally N361HA. BOS and JFK are usually among the last few to get assigned an A/C because of their later departures

I also flew N390HA Namahoē HNL-JFK in December 2015 before it was painted in the Moana livery after flying JFK-HNL on N379HA fresh from the factory. The IFE on 399 and after-has an updated Panasonic IFE the screens are black and a little bigger instead of the grey! This time around I was on 361(newest) and 370. Did 390 have the new livery?

Alright bro we’re gonna be in a fight here 😉 I’m sure you’re just mistaken.

The beautiful sound is ROLLS ROYCE my friend

While I do love a good Pratt and Whitney roar and PW is my second favorite engine type, the buzzsaw is patently ROLLS ROYCE. Hawaiian’s A330’s are A330-243’s with twin RR RB211-Trent 772B-60’s with 71,100lbs/320kn thrust rating each for a total of 142,200lb/640kn max potential static thrust.

Perhaps you were thinking of the new Hawaiian A321neo which have PW1133G’s (geared turbofan)

I believe those go to PDX on occasion as well?

I hope you have a great flight and catch a window seat. If you can-see if it’s possible to get like 22A or J-that’s as close to the front as you can get without being in Extra Comfort. (Of course I would recommend the upgrade if you can-I flew extra comfort JFK-HNL RT twice before the new lie flats were installed and it was awesome!)

Don’t forget to get us some pics/video and post them. If I can I’ll try to get the ATC of your departure for you!

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