Hawaiian 717

I hope you like the photos.


Server: Training
Date: 2020-05-12T23:00:00Z
Rout: OGG to HNL
Plane: Hawaiian 717

I hope you liked them!


Nice photos!

It’ll be cool if the 717 gets an interior soon.

Nice pics! Glad to see the 717 is getting some love. ;)

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It has one.


I mean like the CRJ where you can pop a squat in one of the seats and just chill in the cabin.


Yes. That would be cool.

Amazing photos 🙂

I laughed WAY too loud reading this 😂 I’ve never heard that phrase


717 is wonderful,such a nice plane

Ah the 717, nice :)

I’m gonna pretend I never saw that and move on with my day 😂

@Finley_Skaggs Great photos! The 717 is such a great and under-used plane. I just wish we had her older sister in IF. Gotta plug the MD80 at all possible times xD

Wow that first one with that backdrop. Insane photos my guy :)

Some rare and really nice pictures there! Also I didn’t knew that the IF B717 actually has a cabin installed. Thanks for sharing!