Hawaii vs Caribbean region

I only have the money to buy one, and I’m only going to play it on solo. Which one?

Thanks! 😀

  • Caribbean
  • Hawaii

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Okay, I guess I will get Hawaii. Thanks!

Does anyone have good routes I can do in Hawaii?


Hilo Intl - Honolulu Intl

Doing this now, thanks!

Just flew the route @TheRedeemer mentioned! Great fun!

Check the charts for the Hilo approach, you don’t fly over the volcanoes like that (no fly zone!)! You have to stick along the north shore of the island and follow it down


Yes the white lines are the “airways”. When making a flight plan you should follow these from the VOR closest to where you took off until you reach a VOR close to your destination, then use the waypoints ( with ATC of course) to plot your approach. If on live and there is ATC then set up your approach similar to how the traffic pattern is already flowing as this will help you slot in!

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Yep, I noticed that after the flight…

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