Hawaii’s New Flight

In Celebration of southwest’s new flight from San Jose to Kahului. I took the Flight in Infinite flight. In my opinion it has been one of the best flights I have done in Infinite flight. The scenic Mountains when you land in the background was probably the highlight to this flight.

Plane: Southwest 738


Server: Expert

Time: 2019-05-27T22:30:00Z2019-05-28T03:30:00Z


Alright, that’s better :D

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@BigBert10 look

Not gonna lie these photos are really cool. I love the second to last one.


Thanks for stopping by SJC and celebrating the new flight! :D

You know, if you would’ve departed 5 hours earlier, we could’ve had a group flight together! :D

I was in a group flight SJC-OGG while @Luke_Sta and @PlaneCrazy joined in from SFO

I am currently doing the return flight OGG-SJC

Great pictures! :D


Insane pictures. Have u edited them? Also what settings?

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I thought I was a formation of planes in route to Hawaii on live flight.
Glad you like the pictures!

If you saw a group of three (two with United callsigns one with the SWA100 callsign), then that was us

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I did edit them. I just used the editing program apple gives you when in the photos app.

Yup cool. They are great ❤️

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I just saw 3 planes in a formation but never bothered to click on on and see the information. Lol that would have helped.

Well, I was mimicking the flight below. @Luke_Sta and @PlaneCrazy synced their FPL with mine (since they came from SFO) and we were in a line of 3 heading to PHOG :D

If you were flying around that time, then you probably saw us :D


N8328A actually was the flight I got some information off of before doing this one. Anyways thanks for taking the time to comment. :D

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Oh I just realized I got the time wrong rip. It’s supposed to say today. 😂

Oh wait it just turned midnight. Rip

is been a long time since te last time I went to Hawaii

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