Hawaii or Caribbean? (Which should I buy?)

I am planning on buying my first region, since I own most of the aircraft that I wanted. I feel like an island region would be a nice start. Although, I am worried about the “Supported Area.” The Caribbean seems to have a small number of airports, but does the flying space between the airports make up for the small amount of them? Same question with Hawaii. Oh and which one do you guys recommend?

I would suggest both or Live+.


If you can only choose one I prefer Caribbean more

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Hawaii every day. Since we only have regions atm, Hawaii is super fun because there are waypoints really far out you can still fly to within region.

Plus I prefer the scenery


Alright, thanks for the feedback. Oh and is there a difference between Live+ and normal live? I don’t play online much but I guess I can start on infinite flight.

Live+ is the better choice

You get every plane and region free for the year you bought it


Also live on IF makes the game so much more amazing. Worth doing ((:

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Hmm, thanks for the info! I can’t believe a MOD already replied.


I got Hawaii, and I am saving up for a live purchase! Thanks to everyone who replied.

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  • Hawaii
  • Caribbean

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I prefer Hawaii. It is big, has small and big airports, and you can fly through valleys.

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Hawaii has 29 airports, Caribbean has 16 airports (they cost the same)
Good choice, but the Caribbean has St Maarten :-)


Thanks for the POLL, I didn’t know how to make one.

Use this to refer to in the future:

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