Hawaii open on Advanced server!

Hello fellas!

Hawaii region is now open.

PHNL tower and ground: IFFG Ryan
PHNL approach: IFFG Sam

PHOG tower and ground: Tom Grollman
PHOG approach by me.

Come and join us for a flight!

Enjoy and have a nice one !

Always Hawaii, Southern California, sometimes New York and Singapore/Kuala Lumpur…
What about the other regions?
Europe for example!


Totally agree with you…SoCal can take care of itself…but so many other regions are really under utilized…like Southern Florida,New York,Sydney,Paris,Chicago,Denver,and some others…time to promote the other regions leave SoCal to itself…must be boring doing the same region over & over…whatever happen to doing something different or a variety for a change…SMFH!!