Hawaii Island Spotting @ Lihue

Did some scouting for spotting at LIH today after my first visit here to the beautiful island after arriving last Thursday while vacationing.

There isn’t much traffic here for aviation speaking but i plan to return again to spot at a different location that is at the end of runway 35 for arrivals which is extremely close before landing. There’s a lighthouse at the end of the dirt road that I’ll attempt to get with both lighthouse and an arrival in the shot. Not sure if that possible though.

Let me know what your favs are and feedback is always welcome!

First up was this Coast Guard that wasn’t on any list of arrivals or on radar. Very cool to see in person.

Was pleasantly surprised to see this beauty here. Possibly for a State Senator??

First time shooting helicopters. Got some work to do for better shots on these.


Finishing with a distance United Evo-Blue Max taixing in after arrival. Better image contrast with this shot compared to the others as it has the ocean in background. Arrival 35 runway is approximately 70 feet in elevation different from where i took this shot, that’s why it looks like it’s in hole.






Very nice photos!

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Let the man live in peace 😭

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Appreciate it, always nice seeing something new and different once in awhile.

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