Hawaii Island Hop & Parallel Landing

I love the little flight in the Island Air Q400 between PHOG and PHNL! A beautiful route and this time I had an unexpected surprise with another aircraft on a parallel approach, runways 4L & 4R.

I am sure all realism is out the door with this one, but I don’t care too much about that…it made for an exciting arrival!

Server : Expert / 07-20-2021 / Time of Day was early evening / Island Air Q400 Callsign “Moku 229”

Flight Preparations at PHOG

Climbing out

Lovely Islands!

Ah, someones called in for landing as well…

Not sure if ATC would have approved of this …

No wing tips touched at any time but it got a bit close!

Thanks for your views and any responses 😀


Great shots beautiful livery


Hey the Arrow Cargo is me!!, I was inbound on a flight from TNCM. Great landing and photos 10/10!


Great, it was a fun landing! I was surprised that you didn’t speed well ahead of me, you must have been maintaining quite a low airspeed. It was quite interesting monitoring our flightpaths as we lined up…there wasn’t a lot of room
for error 😉

Yeah haha! I was going 142knts the slowest I could do without stalling and those photos were worth it 100%!

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Good, its nice to see a heavy have to slow down for a prop …usually its the Q400 that’s pushed to speed up I find. It was quite an amazing coincidence really…

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The Arrow Air Cargo livery is so beautiful!

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Woah its beautful: the islands , THE LIVERY, the arrival AND that last shot!

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Woah that’s a long flight! How long did it take?

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13hrs 45mins

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No words, simply amazing! 😍


HAUW?This text will be blurred

Hey! Thanks to everyone whos taken a look and liked the shots…😊

I overslept my arrival… #Noob

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Awesome photos. Loved them all.

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I do this route and great photos but did this happen to you with q400 landings (I may have did this a little bit on purpose but it is how you suppose to land in crosswind)

#Troubled turboprops

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Such a good livery for that plane

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Well, it looks like quite a lot of my Q400 landings! They don’t always go quite as planned …🙄

I think ideally the wings should be levelled just before landing and rudder used to straighten up.

Frankly I imagine the mechanics of this would be easier in a real Q400 than on a mobile phone .🤔

Watch this video:) Troubled Turboprops - YouTube

I’ll take a look thanks…hmm, troubled turboprops 🤔