Hawaii Island Flyout Series Part 2 | Honolulu, Oahu |

Hello Everyone! This is a series that @Flyin.Hawaiian and I have started where we do a flyout at every Major Hawaii Airport! Hawaii is known as one of the most popular places to go vacation for Americans, also one of the most beautiful places in the World. Come and Join me as we fly this remote part of the world!

Passenger Gates

A & B Gates
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Pilot
A13 Hawaiian Airlines 717 Hilo
A14 Hawaiian Airlines 717 Kona
A15 Hawaiian Airlines 717 Lihue
A16 Hawaiian Airlines 717 Hilo
A17 Hawaiian Airlines 717 Lihue
A18 Hawaiian Airlines 717 Kahului
A19 Hawaiian Airlines 717 Kona
A20 Hawaiian Airlines 717 Kahului
B5 Hawaiian Airlines 717 Kona
B4 Hawaiian Airlines 717 Lihue
B1 Hawaiian Airlines 717 Hilo
C Gates
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Pilot
C1 American Airlines A321 Phoenix
C2 American Airlines 787-8 Dallas(DFW) @_TheTexanAvgeek
C3 American Airlines 777-200 Dallas(DFW) @Ryan_Carney
C4 Hawaiian Airlines A330-300 Los Angeles(LAX)
C5 WestJet Airlines 737-800 Vancouver
C6 ANA 787-9 Tokyo(NRT)
C7 Asiana 777-200 Seoul(ICN)
C8 Qantas A330-300 Sydney
D & E Gates
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Pilot
D2 Delta Airlines A350-900 Detroit @Cole_Woodard
D1 Delta Airlines A350-900 Detroit @United403
E1 Southwest Airlines 737-800 San Jose
E2 Alaska Airlines 737-900 Seattle
E3 Southwest Airlines 737-800 Las Vegas
E4 Delta Airlines A330-300 Salt Lake City @Ty_Davis
E5 Southwest Airlines 737-800 Kahului @Flyin.Hawaiian
E6 Delta Airlines A321 Seattle
E7 Southwest Airlines 737-800 Oakland
E8 Delta Airlines 767-300 Minneapolis @Mort
E9 Delta Airlines 767-300 Los Angeles(LAX) @Chan24
E10 Delta Airlines A330-300 Atlanta
F & G Gates
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Pilot
F1 Alaska Airlines 737-900 Portland
F2 Alaska Airlines 737-900 San Diego @dylan_jones
G1 United Airlines 737-700 Santa Ana @Alexian61
G2 United Airlines 737-800 Majuro @Captain-787
G3 United Airlines 777-300 San Fransisco
G4 United Airlines 757-200 Los Angeles
G5 United Airlines 777-300 Guam @ayyjay
G6 United Airlines 767-300 Newark

Cargo Gates

Cargo Gates/Apron
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Pilot
Gate 1 NAC 767-300 Los Angeles
Gate 2 UPS 747-8 Ontario
Gate 3 UPS 747-8 Louisville
Gate 4 Aloha Air Cargo 737-700 Lihue
Gate 5 Aloha Air Cargo 737-700 Kona
Gate 6 Aloha Air Cargo 737-700 Hilo
Gate 7 Aloha Air Cargo 737-700 Kahului
Gate 8 Asia Pacific 757-200 Guam
Gate 9 Prime Air 767-300 San Bernardino
Gate 10 FedEx 777F Oakland
Gate 11 FedEx 777F Memphis
Gate 12 Polar Air 747-400 Cincinnati
Gate 13 Southern Air 777F Singapore

Frequency User
Honolulu Center
Oakland Oceanic Center

  • Be realistic
  • Listen to ATC if present
  • If not ATC then use Unicom Correctly
  • I am not responsible for any violations
  • Spawn in at your assigned gate
  • Have Fun!!!

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