Hawaii is beautiful in a TBM.

Yesterday I flew in Hawaii due to the active ATC.

It was my first time flying in Hawaii with my new phone and I was able to turn the graphics up while I flew. I flew PHOG- PHNL in the TBM 930

I took off from rnwy 5 to begin my journey.

I turned left crosswind to depart the airspace and got a great view of the island.

I flew over a volcano during my cruise at 15,000 ft.

I descended over open water with Honolulu to my right.

I was cleared for 8R and had no traffic during final approach that interrupted my landing.

I greased the runway as usual with a mild crosswind. The closest exit off the runway was halfway down so I kept speed up as I landed.

Thanks for looking at my pictures and I hope you enjoyed. Have a great day!


Nice pictures! I love the TBM and have done around the world in it. There are some fabulous islands and places in mountains that you can go to and add to your cool picture collection!

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Nice pictures!

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The scenery looks fanatic!😍

The scenery looks really beautiful, where do you are?

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Where do you are? Hawaii

Really nice

Nice Shots!

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Thank you. It was a blast making the pictures.

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Looks wonderful!

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How did you make these pictures look smaller? This looks really cool!

I reduced the size of the original picture while I was editing it.

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Awesome stuff right here mate

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