Hawaii Hopping

First of all, Happy New Year to everyone in Europe, Asia and Australia and were almost there in the US. (4.5 Hours for me as I’m typing this). I love flying hops around Hawaii and flying the 208 like Mokulele does in real life is a lot of fun because it gives you the opportunity to fly into fun, unusual airports. Today I flew Kona to Kapalua (On Maui) and then from Kapalua to Honolulu. The 208 is an Aircraft I would really recommend but the engine is about as strong as my right hand and it turns about 75 degrees more than you want it to when on the ground. It took 29 minutes to fly to Kapalua from Kona and it took 27 minutes to get to Honolulu, so it took 56 minutes in all.

Leaving the Big Island and turning North as we climb After 15 minutes over the Pacific Ocean we fly by the first volcano on the East shore of Maui After crossing the entire island we turn toward Kapalua on the North Side of the island An insanely hard touch down in Kapalua, but trust me, this thing is even harder to land than the CRJ 🤯
After a little while on the ground we turn sharply out of Kapalua on to Oahu The Turquoise, shallow waters of Molokai We start descending into Honolulu and we fly by the distinguishable Diamond Head Crater Approaching runway 4R as we prepare to cross the Reef Runway and make a sharp turn on final On the ground in Honolulu!

This is supposed to be a topic that is unusual and different from the usual busy airports of Infinite Flight. So please let me know your thoughts and your favorite photo!


Very nice screenshots! I liked all of them!

Happy new Year to you!

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I said this earlier today, I underestimated how beautiful Hawaii is, great photos, that scenery is great!

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Thanks! Happy New Year to you too!

Hawaii is very underrated!

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Mostly, people fly to Honolulu which brings down the Nature of actual Hawaii.


No problem!

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Wow! Un-rated livery for that aircraft! :)🤩

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The livery is actually a Gum Air livery which is an airline in Africa, but it’s the closest to Mokuleles livery so I use it

That’s why I like flying to the other islands as well! I’ve heard that Honolulu is great, but it’s just like a normal US City with Palm Trees, beaches and prefect weather. The other islands can offer more of a “Hawaiian Experience” if that makes sense lol

Great to see this routes, looks fantastic IRL (on YouTube at least) and it also looks fantastic on your pictures! Thanks for sharing!

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Thanks! I first learned about these routes and Mokulele from Swayne Martin on YT and they are always fun because of the awesome scenery and different aircraft

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