Hawaii Bound @ KLAX - 011900ZJUL18

Join Tailwinds for a retro flight! This time we will take out a beautiful yet underused bird, the DC-10. Since the addition of the DC-10 it hasn’t received the attention it deserves. So what would be more perfect then to have an event based around it! Details for the event are below so look below and join!

This flight is roughly around 6 hours long, so be respectful to others and have fun!
Flight Details:

Speed 240 below 10,000

Speed 315 above 10,000

Speed .85 at cruise

Try to maintain a safe distance between the aircraft ahead

Descent is 135nm out

Landing procedure will depend on the time of arrival at PHNL

Server: Expert

Time: 1900Z

Terminal 7
70: @Daniel14
71a: @Reddy
71b: @Kate_Russell
More Gates Will be Added if Needed

Event Hosted by Tailwinds Flying Club


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Sounds fun, I’ll take a gate.

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Great! I got you a gate!

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I’m down
71b please
This will be fun

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Event is this weekend! Join now for a gate

Event is less then 48 hours away! And there are plenty of gates available to anyone you don’t need to be in TFC to attend!

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