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Here you will find all news surrounding or involving Hawaiian airlines, Mokuelele Airlines or Hawaiian island aviation updates, this thread will be updated by me, @Flyin.Hawaiian.

All credits from news websites and airline websites will be given, if you find news that has not been posted yet, you may DM me and I will send an update below!

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Below, youʻll find
  • Any news updates on routes, or fleet updates.
  • Any news surrounding airlines that Hawaiian or Mokulele codeshares with.
  • Any news surrounding aviation in the state of Hawaiʻi. (INCLUDES MILITARY.)
  • Yes, not only Hawaiian will be included.

The Hawaiian Fleet.


Currently (December 2023), Hawaiianʻs fleet consists of 123 aircraft, 19 Boeing 717-200ʻs, 18 Airbus A321-271 Neo aircraft, 25 Airbus A330 series aircraft, 24 A330-200ʻs, and 1 A330-300 (P2F), operating for Prime Air, and 9 A330-300ʻs due. Finally, the 787 fleet, with 12 on order.

The Mokulele Fleet.


Currently (December 2023), Mokuleleʻs fleet consists of two Passenger Saab 340ʻs, operated by Southern Airways Express, and about 7 Cessna 208 caravans, operated by Southern.

The Kamaka Fleet.


Currently (December 2023), Kamakaʻs fleet consists of 1 Cessna 408 Skycourier (F), and 6 Cessna 208 Caravans, 3 Cargomasters, and 3 normal caravans.

The Lānaʻi Air Fleet.


Currently (December 2023) Lānaʻi Air, owned by Western Aircraft, operates 2 Cessna 408 SkyCourierʻs (One PAX, one Cargo.), They operate 13 PC-12 NG/NGX/47ʻs.

The Aloha Air Cargo Fleet.

Aloha Air Cargo (current)

Currently (December 2023), Aloha Airʻs fleet consists of 6 737 Classic aircraft, 5 -300(SF)ʻs, 1 -400(SF), and 2 767-300(BCF, and BDSF)ʻs.

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Will you also cover smaller players in the Hawaiian aviation market like Mokulele and Aloha?

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Yep! Pretty much any and all Hawaiian Aviation News will be added here.


Noice thread, although you might want to get the Alaska thing out of the way before people show up here saying Hawaiian is merging with Alaska lol


Been working on it for about 5 minutes already. 😂


Alaska is buying Hawaiian. Guess this won’t last too long…


Ture. It’s like the same thing between JetBlue and Spirit. Nothing happened


Except this is confirmed.

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I can feed you all of the leaks before it even hits the press. The rumors/leaks started about 1-2hrs before the official press release was announced. 😂

I gotchu broski!


Lopi Hoʻopuka hou loa | Thread Update

Alaska Airlines and Hawaiian Airlines announced this morning that the former will acquire the latter. Initially, both airlines will operate as separate entities, until the acquisition is approved by the US Government, and under Alaska’s operating certificate.

Credit and link: Alaska Airlines and Hawaiian Airlines to Combine, Expanding Benefits and Choice for Travelers Throughout Hawai‘i and the West Coast | Hawaiian Airlines | Newsroom

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Wait alska bought Hawaiian.
Wonder what will happen with that one if it is true.

No, they are not merging. Merging is different from being acquired, Hawaiian will operate independently and on their own, under the Alaska group. If they were merged you would see things happening similar to what happened to Virgin America and Alaska.

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Thanks. Didnʻt know how to do that yet…

I wonder if alska will move some of the 787 orders to sea.

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They will not, as Hawaiian planes are staying Hawaiian, if AS wanted 787ʻs theyʻd order their own.

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