Having two seperate accounts (Google and Facebook)

Hi everyone, I thought I would ask here just in case.

What I want to do is buy a used phone, or tablet, and set up a seperate account (With 1 year of Pro) with My Google Account.

You might be asking why, and here is my answer:
I currently have a Facebook account with Infinite Flight Pro (Until July), and sometimes I want to do Long Haul, and do Short flights at the same time. If I do Long Haul, I can’t use my device for anything else, and if I want to do a short flight (For no reason… okay maybe because i’m very bored). I’d have to quit the current flight in order to fulfil my desires of flying.
What I would do, is I would use my Google Account for Long Haul Flights (or vice versa with Facebook), and use my Facebook account for Short to Medium haul flights (Again, vice versa with my Google Account). Of course, I’d be paying almost $160 for both Yearly subscriptions.

What I can do, is if I am doing a Long haul on a Non-Activated Device, I can use that device for long haul on either of my accounts I have linked to that device, and on my main device, I can do a normal short to medium haul flight.

What do you think, is this worth the time to do? Is this also allowed? Thanks :)!

You can use google accounts aswell. As long as they are separate accounts with their own subscription, it’s allowed. If you love IF enough then “just do it” in the words of Shia LeBeouf…

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Well since both of my accounts will have my name, I think it might confuse some people, and ask how I have two accounts.

and yes, I would buy a new subscription for my Google Account (Another $79) for a year

This is a good question for the devs and staff. I don’t know who’s on right now, though.

EDIT: @Levet is the chosen one.

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No, it means you need to find something else to do besides IF. Save up for the flight lessons instead

Yes. I don’t see a reason why they will not allow 2 paying subscription to fly at the same time

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Nobody will stop you from paying double :)

It’s allowed. You are responsible for your own accounts.


Thanks Seb, I just wanted to ask to be safe :)

That’s all i really Needed, it can be closed now :)