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As I was Approaching into LAX from JFK The autopilot randomly stalled out… What I mean is that I put it at 3,000 ALT as what the ATC had told me to do… but then randomly stalled out at 160 knots with full flaps as much I had to leave the server As I thought I would’ve been embarrassed ( it was my 1st long haul). As much I had trouble with the Autopilot. Not sure if you’re updating AP but that was just embracing for me to see.

Could you please share your replay using https://sharemyinfiniteflight.com/

Could be your speed and flaps and you were going 160 at 3000 AGL and
Had full flaps

What was your aircraft type, and how heavy were you? 160kts and full flaps doesn’t sound right.

160 kts and full flaps is normal I think (B737 40 degs limit is 16x) However 160 at 3000 is pretty slow

The aircraft I was flying was an A321

You should be at about 170-180 at 3000ft when you intercept the localizer. Full flaps at 3000ft is ok… If you were using APPR, then it’s a known issue, as it has been behaving very weird.

the APPR can be infuriating at times.

once, i had done an awesome flight into Montreal, activated APPR, and that damn thing pitched up 60 degrees and stalled, spinning into the ground.

Hey dude, sorry about your experience, however just a side note, this flight is more of a medium-haul

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