Having trouble with violations

My account keeps receiving violations even though I’m not deserving them. As you can see in the screenshot, I received a violation for exceeding 260 it’s below 10,000 feet, although I’m clearly flying at over 11,000 feet.

The hard limit no matter the altitude is 350. You’re at 358. Couldn’t tell you why it’s warning you about 10000 feet though.

Judging from the flight parameters I assume you accidentally descended below 10000 feet and then panic flipped the AP to 12000 and 360 and the warning just never dissipated. Then, you got the violation for doing >350 above 10000. Feel free to correct me.


Yeah this is definitely a deserved violation low key, you are over the hard limit and must have been for a little bit for the violation to be issued. As for the warning either what andrew said above had occured or you were climbing and increased speed too early just as you were passing 10,000. But that is unrelated to the violation as you can see from the text in it. I believe the only reason the speed warning is there is because you actually have to tap to dismiss it (correct me if wrong on that last bit).

I would be surprised as there are only 45 nm to the destination. I suppose it’s not impossible though.

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I have seen people do shorter local flights in A380’s to land at an airport with ATC service.

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That’s totally fair. I guess we’ll just wait and see what OP says.

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True, I do agree though your scenario is more likely.

The warning was definitely for 260 below 10,000, I didn’t exceed 350 until after the violation was issued.

Yeah it was a short flight, I think it was PHL to JFK or something like that. I only had a bit of time to play and wanted to have full atc

Considering that you seem to be somewhat stabilized on 360 judging by your throttle I’m not totally sure I believe that. But feel free to share your replay so people can take a look at it.

I may have remembered incorrectly too, all I know is that I didn’t receive the above 350 kts warning until after the violation

Hard to say anything for sure without a replay, just use sharemyinfiniteflight.com


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