Having trouble understanding AAPR and ILS?

Okay I’m having trouble understanding this. I take it AAPR aligns you with the three lines coming out or going into an airspace? If not please correct me. I just found out about the gps/ILS on the HUD, I selected the ILS for my landing, but the plane doesn’t land itself? Is there anyway to experience a plane landing itself on this game? This includes adjusting speed and altitude by itself? If not, what’s the point of setting the ILS on the HUD

APPR is the autoland function, not the ILS. Selecting the little “ILS Runway X” or “GPS Runway X” in the HUD will not autoland you. You need to select APPR above your A/P (Autopilot controls)


And APPR is not available on all planes.

It will autoland for you, but there are some prereqs:

Must be within 30 degrees of runway heading.

Must have Altitude at or below the glideslope.

Must have V/S set, even if its 0.

Once you intercept, it will take you to the runway.

APPR lines you up for the runway and can also butter the bread when it’s foggy

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On the contrary, I find that APPR manages to get you on the ground, but does not actually “butter” (sorry Tim). You would be better off landing manually if you want a smooth landing.

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Glidescope is 2,500 feet? At which point does it require to be below glidescope? Before the airspace? So once that’s all set you switch from NAV to APPR?

Then what does ILS do? And I had the auto land on?? It just kept flying

Read the tutorial I linked above regarding ILS. :)

The glideslope typically begins at ground level and then is angled upward at a certain angle, typically 3, 3.2 degrees. You should be able to capture the localizer (lateral deviation) and glideslope (vertical deviation) from 25 miles out, though you generally wouldn’t fly on the ILS for that entire distance.

You can capture the glideslope any distance within there, for example, a standard glideslope will be 3k feet AAL around 10 nm out, but you can intercept the localizer higher up at 15 nm or lower at 8 nm. Closer you are, lower you need to be.

Take a look at this. This helped me alot

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