Having trouble taxiing ?

Whenever I taxi and try to turn on the runway it always never turns and it goes into the grass help ?

Do you taxi fast?


Yes but when I have to turn I slow down and I try to turn

Are you using the rudder or the tilt controls to turn the aircraft?

I us the rudder

Do you have the rudder and aileron coupled on ground?

How fast you taxi while turning?

When you get on the runway your groundspeed must be around 10 knots. The aircraft will then fully rotate.

Also, check your weight. That may play into it

Yea I do ???!

I usually put it to normal

Try to turn without out Auto-Coordination. Might play an effect

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Ok I’ll see

This what I’m taking about the @The_Greatest_Basket mentioned it and that’s what’s happening to me Move RUD a bit to the left

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Omg! I have also been having trouble, sometimes when I touchdown so far from the touchdown zone and I can’t exit the runway to the taxi ways, I’ll have to do a 360° turn which is hard to do I don’t know if the problem is with the front gear because most of the time I go in the grass.

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Yep this what this topic is about

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Are you talking about landing or take off?

Is there a crosswind?

Which aircraft?

What is your ground speed when initiating the turn?

If you use rudder when turning, but your aircraft goes onto the grass, you can use your brakes when turning using the rudder. Using the brakes will slow your aircraft down and will make your turning faster if you are using rudder. This also applies to using auto-coordination when turning too. Apply that brake only if you feel you are taxiing too fast.

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