Having to buy aircraft again

I lost all my planes and it cost a lot to buy them all why have I lost all of them I have a subscription and have bought all the planes why do I have to do it again

You can click ‘Restore purchases’ and will get all your planes back.
Also, please include your device, operating system and number and IF version.

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Unless he switched from Apple or whatever to something like Android or whatever. Or maybe changed his email

Yeah but we’re not getting anymore info so… It’s unclear

If done that twice and still nothing and I dnt see nor did it ask for any info regarding my device it’s wild I’m not happy guys

It’s still my same device I haven’t itched anything just got a new subscription

Didn’t change your email either? Live or Live+? Did u have Live+ before this new one?

If you have the same device and not changed your subscription email then all you should have to do is hit “Reset Purchases” then you can download your planes again without having to pay.

If you have changed devices ( IOS To Google play or reverse) or changed your account details you might need to do something else. Hope you get it fixed.

Here is the quick and simple answer for this.
First, you cannot be charged twice for the same IAP (except subscriptions to Live) so as long as you sign in to the exact same store with the exact same account ID, you can download and install again without being charged.
You can only be charged if the store account ID is different from the original purchase or it was refunded.

Aircraft unlocked via a previously purchased Live+ subscription are not yours to keep and will return to being locked when the subscription is no longer valid.

If content seemingly vanishes and requires being installed again, that is usually because of an issue with the device memory storage, or they were installed on an alternate storage unit like and SD card etc. Content should be installed on the device internal memory.

If there is need for further assistance, please reply with specific device brand, make and model. The current operating system version and name of the store used for the purchases. Also be sure to note any modifications including whether it is Jailbroken or rooted, custom ROMs etc.

Thank you.


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