Having some fun to Auckland

Hey IFC, just finished doing a fun flight on the Training Server with one of my friends @greenbean78. We flew from McMurdo Station heading straight to Auckland International. Here are some shots of our flight together and I hope you like them as much as I do.

Flight time: 4 hours 59 minutes.
Route: NZIR to NZAA.
Inital Altitude: 36,000ft
Final Crusing Altitude: 41,000ft
Boeing 787-10 with the Boeing livery.
Training Server.

Taking off on runway 11 at NZIR.

Some beautiful shots of me climbing to 36,000ft.

Crusing at 36,000ft with @greenbean78 flying closely behind.

Here are the shots of the Mountain Ranges and Egmont National Park at New Zealand.

Landing on runway 5R at Auckland.

@greenbean78 and I parked at the ANZ Engineering Services apron at Auckland.


Looks great!