Having problems with live

I recently purchased a month of live and i don’t have the month does anybody know who to contact

Try restarting your app, and make sure you have bought it and that you are using the same account you bought it on

it surely has to be something you have done

I am sure that it is the same account and I have the receipt of purchase but I have had this same problem in the past

Does anybody know who I should contact for this I tried restarting but it wasn’t there

Open a support ticket with David

What’s a support ticket


Please visit This link and click “Contact Support”.

Open a ticket and include the following.

Full user display name (not email)
Call sign if able
Include a complete copy of the subscription purchase receipt.

Device make, model and OS version helps as well.

If the device is rooted or Jailbroken or has any 3rd party apps like Freedom or LuckyPatcher installed, be sure to note those details.

Thank you :)


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