Having problems setting up LiveFlight connect with my joystick

LF Connect is connected to my game, and IF detects my joystick. However, when I attempt to set my axis to they joystick, nothing happens. I move the joystick but nothing happens. How can I play with my joystick?


Maybe @Cameron can help

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Make sure you assign axes in Infinite Flight too. See the help guide:


I have tried that too.

And what does the Controls page in Infinite Flight say?

It says they are connected onto my ipad. when i tap to try and connect to my joystick, i move my joystick and nothing happens. however, the show devices button says there is a network controller which i presume is my joystick.

Can you post a screenshot of the Controls page in Infinite Flight? I’m interested in what the axes say.

it says the defults. when i tap on them to try and connect my joystick nothing happens.


It shows my joystick as available.

You haven’t assigned axes as the guide says.

In Infinite Flight, go to Settings, followed by Controls (fifth tab). Assign each flight control an axis by tapping on the corresponding button under Key/Axis (move the relevant axis to assign it), and assign buttons under the Commands tab (press the relevant button to assign it).

So basically:

  • Tap the key/axis column next to roll; move the joystick left and right.
  • Tap the key/axis column next to pitch; move the joystick up and down.
  • etc.
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I’ve moved the joystick, still does not work. :(

Do you have the “Move axis on device” as below?

No, I don’t see that.

Managed to get it working! Thanks for the help!

For future reference, tap here:

Then move and assign.


Shouldn’t this be in support?

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Hi there again

Does Liveflight Connect work with solo mode too?


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Okay, thanks.