Having problems on the main gear

It’s the second time that happens, but my front gear doesn’t respond when I turn my phone to left or right just when I use the rudder And don’t have a solution if I don’t reinstall the app , what is boring cause I need to download everything again and is so many things 🙄😒 is that a bug that can be fixed or what is happening?


go to settings, general and check couple ailerons and rudders


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I did it , doesn’t work 😐 I will reinstall that’s the only way , btw thanks

you might be having calibration or gyroscopic issues then

I personally use the rudder, that way I can lean and tilt and not affect the plane itself. Make sure it’s set to “On” or in this case checked off, so they couple. Make sure you’re calibrated. Turning your rudder one way and tilting to the other will result in no major movement in either direction of the front gear

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