Having problem figuring out the position of aircraft

Hello! So i really dont know about the ‘left base, right base, right downwind etc. How to know these positions on specific runways. I have reached expert server so if i dont know these things i will get reported when flying in busy airports. Like when they say ‘turn left base runway xx’. Pls i really need help in this thing. And one more thing, when the flight is loading, we will be able to see tips down there right ?, in one tip, it shows “press (or they will say something) the ‘away’ icon and the atc will let you pass through the airspace uninterrupted while away from your device’. So what is this away icon. And pls help me in both of these. Thank you


Here are the positions relative to the runway. You choose “left” in front of your pattern leg when you are doing left turns to get to the runway and “right” if you do right turns. In this image, the pilot would call out “left downwind” then “left base” and then “final”


To add to the picture above.
Generally speaking if you receive an instruction to enter the right downwind or something else including “right” the field will always be on the right side of you during the pattern. The same goes for a left downwind, then the field will be to your left.

What you mentioned with the pro tip. There is no button to set yourself as away but after you haven’t touched your device for a few minutes the ATC controllers sees that you are away from your device and therefore will not report you if you bust while cruising for example. This only applies though if you are at your cruising altitude, while you are climbing or descending you need to be actively monitoring your device to ensure you don’t interfere.

Thank you, but what do you mean by ‘field’

That’s the airport or the runway.

Thanks to you

And one more thing. How to be atc in expert server. Sorry i am new in the game so i dont know some thing

You need to apply for IFATC if you want to control on the Expert server.
Make sure to check out this topic which outlines the requirements you need to fulfill and where you can apply.

Thank you so much once again, but when atc says ‘i will be your base’ what does this mean

When they say “extend downwind, I’ll call your base” then you will need to continue on the downwind pattern leg until the controller tells you to “turn base” and once you received that instruction you should turn on base straight away.

Make sure to also take a look at the flying guide if you are unsure in the future as it contains a lot of useful information when flying on the Expert server.

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