Having Issue with break and Pushback button

Hello Captains, I’m having some issue with the Pushback button and the brake button. They both aren’t working since my last two flight, I had to end up my flights because of these failures. During landing my plane stopped in between the runway as the brake sign was not getting deactivated, and during today’s flight the pushback button wasn’t working. I hope to get a solution for this.

Thank you🙂


Hopefully this topic will help.

Hey! Sorry to hear that you’re having this issue. Let’s get some details so we can help you a little better…

What is your device model and year of issue? What operating system are you on?

Also, are you using a joystick?

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I’m using IPhone 11

Try doing a hard reset as stated in the topic linked above.

If you’re using a joystick, that might be an issue too.

I ain’t using a joystick

Quit the app, and then try a hard reset for your iPhone by following these steps:

Roger, I’ll give it a try

Unfortunately, it didn’t worked.

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