Having Issue loging in via Facebook

Hello everyone, like 2-3 mins ago I started having Issues to login into my account via Facebook. Idk it’s happening with you guys too?

Try restarting your device. Then try reinstalling. What device are you on?

Not 100% sure if it’s related but I was kicked from session with “another player is using this account” (fixed after I left).

I’m on Redmi 3S Prime, this is the one I use for IF

Or just be a bit patient, check your connection and try again later, like the message say :)

Doing basic things like restart and similar usually solves it if it’s not a major outage.


This happened to me once, the problem was that the server was overloaded. Could be possibly what’s happening here. Best thing to do is do what it says, try again later :)

i was able to login now, I am sorry about hyping up because I got scared when it said Account not found, yea like all those stats. Thanks to everyone who helped.

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