Having fun with the beta!

Hi there! Though the most eye-catching feature in the beta is the 3D buildings, I’m still flying around the world regardless of the presence of buildings, because I was trying out the texture reworked aircraft and they were really enjoyble to fly! And most importantly, they look sooooo nice!

Here are some of my favorites!

1.Etihad B787-10 climbing out of the colorful coastline

2.Air Bridge Cargo B748 blasting out from Krasnoyarsk, a cargo base of this airline

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3.Air China B787-9 boarding passengers at Beijing Capital (Another B787 picture, the texture in the letest build is just stunning!!)

Patiently waiting for the texture of the A320 and B737 family to be tweaked, they are over-reflecting

4.Thai B747-400 cruising over the clouds!

5.The pre-flight check is essential for a safe flight! After that we would fly to NY

BONUS: Flying RNP in the mountain ranges of western China!

Hope you enjoyed!


Cool photos! Is that last photo at ZUNZ?

Yes! The approach is great fun. Though the approach plate is confidential, you can draw your approach path using AdamCallow’s website.

Wow great pictures 👍🏻

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Cool photos but
I have to inform you that this pic is b a c k l i t
You have 48 hours to change it

joke, it is backlit but you don’t have to remove it

Did you use any sort of editing app? :)

Nah, these are all unedited

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