Having fun with all the aircraft all around

Is anyone having fun flying with other players around I’m heading to Mertal beach in CL350. What about you fellow aviators?

Hi Nick,

I bet everyone is having a lot of fun today! We’re happy you’re here but some of these topics you have made could be searched first. This could be posted in group-flight in Events if you want someone to fly with. Also, this could be posted in the Infinite Flight Discord Server which you should have access to! If you still have questions after not being able to find the correct topic, go ahead and create a new topic.

I have attached a topic that would be a great read for ya, it gives some good tips and tricks here on the forum.

We appreciate you being here and contributing! Happy flying around in the CL35!

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Is there a live feed on youtube?

I’m not quite sure what you mean. But here are links for their YouTube channel and instructions on how to get access to the discord server if that’s what you’re asking.

Well sometimes when AviationDan is flying he sometimes dose a live youtube feed

Correct. That’s when he’s flying and streaming. He’ll stream on the channel I linked.

I have tried joining AviationDan discord server but it seems to be down at the moment

Yes, it’s down for me as well.

I’m trying to search for if there’s a topic on aircraft view counter because I like to view other peoples flights in game is there a topic on that I tried to search it but I don’t know.

I’m not exactly sure what you mean but there are flight trackers dedicated to Infinte Flight where you can find a lot of information about people’s flights

I mean like if you post a video there’s a view counter for how many people viewed you’re video but it would be for when you’re flying and other people view you’re flight

That is not a feature.

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Could it be? I’ve wondered on how many people viewed my flight

This would be an interesting feature, but I think it could be quite difficult. I could see this being added to flight trackers like InfiniteX or InfiniteInfo to show how many people “tracked” your flight.

I was thinking it would be at the end of you’re flight when you close out and you see the stats of xp points landings etc.

In honesty, seems like the most useless possible addition to the simulator. Would require a lot of effort for something that basically nobody would use.

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No one would half to do anything because it would be automatic just like if you viewed a YouTube video the view counter would count you’re viewing automatically and on the flight logbook it tell you how many planes there were around you and if there was a staff member around you and they clicked on you’re plane it would show that they viewed you’re flight.

Why not just simply make a YouTube channel, upload every single flight you have done an see how many “views” you get on those flights

Completely ignoring the fact that this is in fact lines of code that would have to be implemented by the Devs and then tested rigourously. Potentially days worth of work for such an insignificant thing. Who genuinely cares if people have clicked on their flight?


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