Having fun around Mexico

So I was kicked out of Expert Server with a grade 3 violation (My first one ever). Long story short I landed in Atlanta (KATL) ATC was open (2023-01-31 to=2023-02-01) IT WAS LIVE was cleared for Runway 27L end up intercepting Runway 27R, landed on 27R and immediately got a grade 3 violation by the way very good job by the ATC… deserve it they were full and made a very good job. Anyway, so I’m now I’m flying in the training server, and it’s just not the same… So I decided I’m doing something fun, so I’m originally from Mexico City and I was looking at the map with a sad face because I got kicked out from Expert Server for a week, trying to figure out a route and trying to decide which aircraft, so I picked 787-10 Boeing livery (2023-02-06T22:00:00 to=2023-02-07) and decided to do ALL Mexico Taking off from Cancun International (MMUN) to Cancun International (MMUN) flying over all Mexico back to Cancun.

Made this flight with 787-10 Full Fuel no passengers no cargo 82% load.


And this is what it looks like!!!

This is my first topic ever so feel free to give me some advice for the next one. Much love! Have fun!


That’s really cool! I’ve had something happen to me in the past with getting reported, but the time while you wait to get back on the ES goes really quick!

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Yeah, I guess so I´ve been flying a lot of aircrafts that i don usually fly so it´s okay for now!!!

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Great idea! That sure is a productive way to learn and grow from your suspension.

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