Having blurry scenery Problems

When I take off my scenery is fine but when I fly a while the scenery starts to dissappear and gets blurry. I reinstalled the app and rebooted my phone.The airports you can see but the scenery is blurry around it. And all my ✅ are green for connection.

Hey mate,

Have you tried clearing the scenery cache and restarting your app and device?

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I did all of that but still does the same I tried everything. It can’t ge my device because it runs it smoothly.

What’s your internet like? What’s your storage?

Clear your scenery cache. Make sure your scenery is on medium or high. Try to turn anti-aliasing off

My wifi is slow at times but my scenery is fine when I take off don’t know how it can get worse

If you put scenery on high it’s gonna make the game slower. Haha

I know but if it is blurry that maybe y

My Graphics settings.

Try turning your rendering resolution up from low. That is most likely the issue.

Won’t it make the game slower tho 😊

What device are you on?

It shouldn’t have to much of an impact depending on what device you have. It’s pretty much your best bet, if you don’t want the scenery to be blurry as you mentioned in your original post.

I am using the Huawei P30 lite.

I have the P30 lite it’s just it never use to do this.

I see.

Not sure if the Kirin 710 CPU in that phone is up to the task, but like @Declan recommended, I would suggest turning up your rendering resolution to at least medium, and then tweaking the other settings to suit your framerate for the better.

Edit: I also see that you have limit framerate activated. If your phone can consistently push out more than 30FPS to the display, you shouldn’t see any performance impact besides your phone maybe getting a little bit warmer and experiencing a little bit more battery drain when you’re away from the wall. I still recommend turning the settings up and seeing what works for you.

The P30 lite is good with the game its just my scenery was always set like that but all of a sudden it gives problems when I fly a while.

That may be a main cause. You need a good WiFi or Cellular data to stream scenery from the most local source. Try trouble shooting with some of the other stuff people mentioned as that may help contribute as well.

This is my setting but it still have the scenery better…