Having an issue with the Pause screen and the pop up menu.

I was mid flight and had an issue where the Pause screen would not go away when I would press resume(have video proof of this and a separate issue where the flight controls would disappear and would not reappear when I would touch the screen to get them to come back up also have video proof of this.

Were you trying to multitask on your device?

I was at one point and that’s when the first issue occurred. But the second issue occurred when I began takeoff role and the flight controls disappeared.

Your second issue is known. I, along with many others, have experienced it before.

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IF usually does not recommend for the user to multitask while in app so that is most likely the reason… If the issue keeps on occurring, try a restart and/or re install of the app :) Cheers!

Thanks for the help have a good night cheers:)

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Sorry about this - known issue which will be resolved in the next update.