Having an Issue with getting landings to register

I have done probably at least 10 solid touch and goes in one sitting and not a single one registered. I have restarted and done all of the normal troubleshooting. Anyone else having this issue? Was on casual at KCLT…

Current stats : XP:50,397 Flight Time : 71Hr43mn Online : 141 :Landings 75

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Hey! Are the landings done 30 seconds after each other? This is one of the requirements for a landing to register.


Have you made sure that you have followed all of the landing criteria?

If so, they may take a bit to update, try restarting the app.

Also, welcome to the community 😃


Yeah i do a full Departure vector and then transition into the approach arrival via the new STARS system.

Have you tried restarting the app?

Also, are you touching down on the actual runway with at least one main gear?

Yes! I figured out my issue was that I was on cellular data…and not actually on the live server. Does anyone know a workaround for flying on data?

Cellular data is fine, it’s just that your connection might not be stable.

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