Having a quick-view Map of each region in the menu

When I was looking into what regions to purchase a while ago, I recall wishig that instead of having a list of the major airports, we could have a preview of the map of the region showing all airports and the features included. This map could be similar to the one you can access to build a flight plan, etc.

It would make it much easier and convenient for me, and possibly others, to get to see the size of the region, all of the airports, possible routes, etc. before dumping $4.99 in.


Very good and original idea, I think this would be a brilliant idea and it might encourage people to buy more regions

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LiveFlight sort of does what you’re requesting (new regions will be visible as soon as soon as an IF update is released).
I’m considering showing airports too… :)


That’s the hope :).

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Could a terrain map be included as well??

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That’s for another topic

Bump to the top.

Would like this a lot.