Having a compass on the pilot map

Controllers use to have a giant compass in the background of their map. It was removed a few updates ago, not sure why. But as a pilot, I think it would be really cool for us to have this as well. Maybe add it as a toggle feature in the map. Countless reasons for it. To be able to see what degree the winds are blowing at after reading the METAR. Flying VFR you could see what degree you’re flying at and where it would take you. It would help with planning. It might even help with pilots taking off and requesting North, South, East & West. As a controller we sometimes get guys asking for departure to the North when they actually want to go West like their FP. We could even take this farther and have an N, S, E & W added to the compass in the HUD. But to have it in the map would be awesome.

I’m sure there’s a few more useful reasons that I’m not thinking of. So please add to it.

@Matt_McDonald… MaxSez, Let’s take the IF Chart first. By custom geographic representations of the earth surface by customer are oriented with North at the top. Thus one extrapolates. Pilots asking or declaring incorrect Launch direction;. These are the same Pilots who request Vectors. They remain disoriented thru-out their lives, they also have difficulty learning left from right
when doing pattern work. Wind Direction, the little weather bug in the HUD is key. “Extrapolate” Pilots and Controllers! (The lack of a “Compass Rose” as noted in the Controllers bag of tricks is a surprise). Just Sayin, another non-starter nit. Next.


This is all you need to know. It is the same in every region.


With VFR you normally either follow by eye ( visual flight rules) or file an FPL. Also wouldn’t help to contantly switch to the map too see heading when you can have it in the HUD/bottom bar


I am fully aware of that. But that’s for the explanation. 😂 When reading a METAR and it say winds at 310. It would be nice to where exactly 310 is and not have look st them map. Look at the top and say that’s 360. Let’s look to the left a bit to where approximately 310 is. To have it large that fills the entire map but lightly ghosted in the background would be nice. Approach & Departure use to have it actually so it should be easy to implement. And to make it so you can toggle it off/on would be ideal. So those that don’t want to see it (like yourself obviously) don’t have too.


See. People smarter then me. 😂 I’m sure I used it VFR incorrectly. Maybe I’ll explain it better. I was recently flying to KUIL in the Seattle Region. If you’ve ever been up there, you’ll know there’s no way points anywhere near that airport. So you can’t make a FP. I just selected the airport so the GPS runways would show up in my HUD. Where having the compass in the map would come into play is as I got closer it would be nice e to see what degree I need to turn to to get lined up with the glide scope. Yes. 100%. I know I can see the numbers on my hud. But I want to see them on my map. As I’m flying with the map at that point and not the HUD. So it’s kinda like VFR as I’m looking out the window and not following a FP. But the METAR was red, vsibility was zero. That’s why I was flying off the map. And if someone doesn’t want to see it in the background, they could simply toggle it off. Like you can way points, uncontrolled airports, etc.

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Can’t fly VFR in those conditions 😂


I understand your point. However this can be eye balled roughly. This request would only add to the already crowded screen.


It is actually pretty easy to figure it out without a compass with specific degrees. We can use your example of 310. Due west is 270 degrees, and due north is 360 degrees. 310 degrees is 40 degrees away from west, and 50 degrees away from north. As a result, we can say that 310 degrees is roughly in the middle between the two, being a bit closer to west (in other words, it is North West, and a bit closer to West).

See! We figured all of this out without using a compass. As @QR01 just said, it can be eye balled easily.


I personally don’t think the compass is necessary, there are so many other ways to obtain your heading already in existence. (For example, for departure direction, you can clearly see what runway heading is; go from there. Actual heading is included any number of places.)

However, for those thinking the map is due NESW, there are magnetic offsets at nearly all points on Earth. For example, if you look at KSAN, you can note that 93° is not as (almost) exactly-horizontal as the 93° runways at KMIA, because the offset is not the same in Miami as it is in SoCal. Straight up on every map is not 360.

That being said, the compass doesn’t add much that isn’t already available.


Not if you can toggle on/off. I personally turn off almost all options. Just personal preference. That’s why toggling is best way to do it.

@Matt_McDonald… MaxSez: I believe your out of your element. Your definition of VFR was far removed from the rule. Your example of no waypoints/fixes near some remote field is common in IF and real world. One extrapolates the geometry utilizing the off set heading to the active Approach path from yr direction of flight. Compute the offset angle of this isosceles triangle problem in your minds eye, do a little calculated and adjust your heading to merge with the Approach path, Base, Final no sweat. That’s, flying an intercept. Not hard you can gage the angle to intercept without the math by eye ball in radar/cockpit view. By the way your mixing IMC with VMC in your explanation.

(Ps: There is a compass (Think compass rose ) at the base of the HUD, its that little ball with 360 tick marks and numbers on it. O/360 is North, 90 is ?)


It adds degrees, which aren’t there now.

What ever it’s called I don’t care. I just want to see degrees in the map. And if you don’t, then keep it toggled off. Simple as that.

You can always look at the VOR for heading and the degrees you’re flying to. Then use the map to help you locate North South East West. That’s simple. 👍

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MaxSez: Need degrees? Forgot the old handy dandy plastic compass sized to fit the IF Chart.
I use one as a standby! Here’s an example there available at Walmart in differant sizes in clear plastic for less than a buck, every Pilot should have one in his kit.

(Intentionally oriented south for those wish to practice back azimuth (Reciprical course calculation)


How do you mean?

You want to fly 359.5° instead of 360?

I’m unclear on what you’re missing I guess. You can find runway heading. You can find your current heading in multiple places (even True and Magnetic at the bottom). You can find the bearing to your next waypoint.

The only thing you can’t do, is tell if you’re going a fraction of a degree, but that would be a mere guess with the compass.

What are you looking for that isn’t there? “Degrees” is a tad vague, considering that’s what your heading is.

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Approach and Departure use to have exacrly what I’m talking about on their map. It was removed with the 787 update. It would be cool to have it on our map AS A TOGGLE so you guys don’t have to see it.

But how is it useful is what people are asking

I think he is trying to say it is useful for the noobs with no sense of aviation / direction.

If it can be disabled, then I have no issues with it although I wouldn’t waste a vote on it.