Having 0 replays but using 10GB of storage

With my ipad after the update, I’ve been experiencing more crashes than usual. I have deleted all my replays and cleared scenery cache to free up space but infinite flight is still using 10GB of space which is 6 GB away from using the entire storage space (32GB) of my device.

Pretty sure it’s all the downloaded planes that is causing the unnecessary utilizations of storage space which leads me to a question, Why can’t I delete downloaded plane data without reinstalling infinite flight? I thought deleting and reinstalling infinite flight was supposed to be the last resort…

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Experiencing the same thing. Recently deleted a majority of my replays but I still have about 40GB showing in the storage settings.

Have the same exact issue. I have a 32GB iPad and I have to remove and reinstall IF every few months to remove all the storage being used up by the airplane data to prevent my iPad storage from getting full. Replays I also must export and then delete every few months. They should make a way where you can remove the airplane data.


Try to delete app cash not scenery cash

That isn’t possible…

Could it maybe be due to the storage taken up by the logbook? I doubt it but it can always be a possibility

Hey, Sorry you have this problem!

This is most likey due to your device installing and downloading different airplanes and liveries, deleting and reinstalling the app will clear this out.

Take care!

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That is the issue! I don’t want to delete and reinstall the app, there needs to be a clear cache option and there isn’t one.

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If you dont mind, why dont you want to delete it?

You have deleted your replay so there gone and you can log back into your account wich will keep your subscription aswell as your logbook will save.

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Because I only deleted my replays to show that it’s not the replays that is causing the problem, and I don’t want to delete the app every 5 flights I do it’s very annoying that I have to delete the app and see that all the settings have to reset to default and I have to rechange everything. There has to be a better way and it’s very sad that the staff members don’t care about changing it.


This appears to be a bit of an edge case, and while I’m not 100% sure how the app ended up like this, a reinstall is certainly the best way to fix it. If others are experiencing the same issue then it’s definitely something we can look into, but you won’t lose anything by uninstalling the app. Also if this much storage is building up every 5 flights (which is not something you mentioned earlier) then it’s something we can dig into a bit more, but I would suggest uninstalling and reinstalling the app as a first step. If it builds up again quickly, please let us know and we can take a look into it. However, if you’re looking for a quick and easy solution this is the best we have available right now. It will take us far longer to fix this and get it in an update than it will for you to reinstall the app.

Respectfully, you have been given a valid solution by multiple community members. It’s not worth our time to dedicate developer time to an issue that effects one person. However, if anybody else is experiencing something similar, please post below.


Hello @KaiM

It seems that Infinite Flight also has a lot of storage on my iPad. There are only 4 replays on the app which are from the ATC sessions.

What are all the documents and data? I mean the app as you can see is clearly taking a lot of storage.


Yes it does happen every 5 flights because my flights involve busy traffic so it downloads a lot of the liveries each time and because of it I have to reinstall weekly. And if you look at the other posts, I am clearly not alone here.

Regarding low storage on the device, would this be a potential solution?

Yes but look how it only has 3 votes, it won’t help me.

The 10Gb of storage that you see is all the times you’ve flown a different plane and livery. (They download and save on the app.) This is the same thing that happens to me over the course of a few months every time I fly a new plane a livery.

All you have to do is delete and re-install the app. Since you do not have any replays, deleting and re-installing will not affect anything else.

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Are you sure? I’m pretty sure it’s all planes that spawn near me within a 7NM radius that gets its livery downloaded

No it’s only aircraft you spawn in as

I clean storage every time

This is a good point, i to am having the same issues , deleting almost all on phone and still saying full storage ,