Haven’t heard from IFVARB

Hey there IFC! I am trying to start Breeze Virtual and I have applied around 2 weeks ago for my VA. The only problem I am having is that I still haven’t gotten past the first stage, which is getting a mod to review it. I also PM’ed them on IFC and still haven’t heard back. That was like a week ago. Does anyone know what’s going on and why it is taking the @IFVARB team so long? Thanks!



IFVARB is a regulator for VAs. There are 11 VA s which are under process and many must have applied,like you have.
I would request you to kindly wait and youll get a answer from IFVARB as sson as they check your application.


I don’t think that list is updated because some VA’s it says applied in like august and they’ve gotten approved or denied. Also my VA isn’t even on that list. I guess just waiting is my only option. It is just ridiculous it takes 2 weeks to look at an application. :(


The @IFVARB has about 11 VA’s in the application stage working with. The team take their time to work arround and ensure that each VA shows and looks its best. While I was creating a VA, It took them some time to get back to me as well, i know you feel excited but only thing you have to do is just sit with a little patience. Im sure they will get back to you asap.

Also I saw that some members of the team were on IFC yesterday and today and they couldn’t even respond to my PM which I had a question about something regarding my application.

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No,just to appraise you that each and every details is mentioned in IFVARB.COM. recently 1 of the under process VA got approved. I request you to please be patient and please go through https://ifvarb.com/ to understand the process. .


Im sure the members have alot to PM’s to reply to, and all cant be replied to on a timely manner. Im sure you PM is not the first they got, so just show a little patience. You time will come soon enough.

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There is some misinformation being spread here.

@Pilot_InfiniteFlight - there is no Breeze Virtual in the application queue. The 11 VA/VOs visible on the reserved page are all in the review process, and 0 VA/VOs are waiting to be reviewed (i.e., waiting to be picked up by an IFVARB Leader).

It is possible that your application was not submitted, was denied, or has not been seen, thus not being present. I have reached out to the IFVARB Admins and Leaders to notify them of your concern, so you can expect one of them to reply here or in a PM.

Thanks for your patience.


I applied and when I look at my reservation is says I am waiting for a mod to review the application. Thank you for reaching out to them!

I see. There has been a bit of backlog internally, so a two-week wait time isn’t necessarily abnormal. I can assure you, however, that your application will be looked into as soon as possible.

We truly appreciate your patience and look forward to seeing what you can bring to the table!


Hello @Pilot_InfiniteFlight,

I have look on the current “Pending Applications” and I can let you know that we have received your application for Breeze Virtual.

As you may know, we are entering the end of the school year for many of us and we have very important final exams but also we are very busy with our real life so we ask for your patience and I am sure that an admin will take a look very soon.

I thank you in advance for your patience and wish you a wonderful day!


This list is automatically updated when we approve/denied a VA/VO. ;)

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IFVARB receive, I think, a lot of dm’s every day for VA/VO’s related question. I, as a Leader don’t have access to those dm’s only the admins can and they are pretty busy for now. Also, please note that you are not the only one on the « Pending Applications » list.

NOTE : The Pending Applications list is something else than the list of 11 VA’s you have on the website.


hey, I had the same issue! just give them some more time and hopefully them will answer.

Update: Still haven’t heard from them and it’s been 2-3wks since I applied. Just wanted to share.

well, that happened to me when i applied, they eventually came after a few days after 2-3 week period.

they should reply when they sort out the other VA’s

I got a reply now!


Great, good luck with your VA!

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