Have You Visited The Mach Loop?

The Mach Loop in west-central Wales, is most notable for it’s use as low-level training areas for fast jet aircraft, which include Royal Air Force Tornado, Typhoon, Hawk jets and C-130J as well as U.S. Air Force F-15E Strike Eagles.
Has anyone ever been? Would love to see some photos.

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No but I would really like to where’s it located

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This just made my life list.


The system of valleys lies 8 miles east of Barmouth and is nestled between the towns of Dolgellau to the north and Machynlleth to the south, the latter of which it takes its name from.

*be prepared for a long climb. Path to one of the spotting locations marked in red


This looks really cool, but it sounds kind of dangerous.

Millions of people have visited the Mach loop. I don’t think there has been a single injury. More danger for the pilots than anything really. I climbed a 750ft mountain, which is still small, but these hills are 1/4 of that height. Just take a spoonful of cement with you if you decide to go. 😉


I follow this chap on Flickr, he’s got one of the best collections of photos of the mach loop I’ve seen so far:


(Ignore the Mountain Biker on the link there, the plane pictures are a wee bit further down on his page)

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I just love the last image!!!


That looks amazing! Oh boy I want to go there one day.

That last image reminds me of Top Gun for some reason…Maverick and Goose just messin’ around.

And this place is most definitely on my Bucket List @anon31652286 ! Any aviation enthusiast should visit this place if they ever get the chance!

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But I’m in the US why. Why must I be in the US. Whyyyyyy!!! But this would be cool to see.

Wow I’ll visit there one day, it looks cool

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Why do I have to live on Earth! Whyyyyyy!!!

That is a good question buddy. Why am I living on earth.

Yeah, let’s get 1 gazillion dollars from NASA and build a spaceship and go live on mars.

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Never been to the Mach loop but we have a smaller one at Otterburn Ranges in Northumberland - common to see tornados/Chinooks/merlins flying low level above the north Tyne valley

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Mach Loop? Completed it m8


Well done Misha! Tell us about your experience

Likewise up here in the Highlands. Quite often see Typhoons, Tornados and Hercs heading down the Great Glen and low over Loch Ness during NATO exercises. I had a pair of Tucanos zoom past the house at a very low level a few weeks ago too.

My daughter goes to school near RAF Lossie and I’ve had to sit through parent/teacher meetings while an exercise is on. I’m trying to listen to her tell me about her grades while at the same time pretending not to be gawping at the Typhoons as they head off on simulated bombing runs over the Moray Firth!


Pretty sure that B-2 is photoshopped