Have you tried the 3D view in flightradar24

The 3D view in flight radar 24 is so cool has anyone tried it

Please comment


Tried it, boring… Really.


Why do you think it is boring

I like it. If they made the skins for the actually liveries it would have been awesome but Its nice. Gives a real perspective on how small you are up on the air


The best part is when you’re landing you can see what the pilot sees

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This is needed… And then it just feels like GF in IF :P


I think because it’s still in Beta version :P

It’s weird to see all the B777s became B77L only :(

Meanwhile in IF B77W is B773 hahaha

#That’s Life


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It’s nice but I never cared much for it. Not much use for me.

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It’s okay. That’s all.

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