Have you seen this before requested?

It’s called the “Fashion” livery for BAW for the B772ER and before I waste my 2nd chance at making it soon, can you help find this feature request if it does exist? Because I can’t find it, thanks, I would love to vote for it

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I saw that plane in Barbados on Saturday

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I have a 1:200 Model of that :)

I can’t find the feature request

Not what he was asking but ok.

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Well that sucks

Found it, continue below:


He can remake it, it has no votes, and has not been active since july

With all due respect, why have you been making so many feature requests man?

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I’m bored, so I find some cool liveries to see, and then I request

I’m not sure about that, because it’s still open.

Check out linked request above. Thanks Bruno! Also, there isn’t a cap of how many requests someone can make. It’s up to them, as long as it doesn’t exceed 2-3 per day